A-1, Parentz, plus DJ Jaysonik (Hottub)

Friday 3/23

8:30 pm


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This event is all ages

Wallpaper. is led by the sleazy, excess-obsessed Ricky Reed, who is also a gifted producer, multi-instrumentalist songwriter, viral media hustler and disco ball-busting crowd destroyer. Whether crafting his own electro-steeped future beats or cleverly skewering pop culture via his remixes, he effortlessly fuses a long personal history of music-making with bold showmanship and a love for trunk-rattling thump.

Wallpaper. evolved from a clever jab to, as S.F. Weekly put it, "a rebuttal against pop music as simple window dressing," but boomed beyond the satire. Wallpaper.'s debut, Doodoo Face, was a clever offering that quickly surpassed the irony and gained attention for the legit songwriting and masterful production. It gave a knowing nod to the early greats who offered their influence – P-Funk, Afrobeat, Bay Area rap, perhaps even some Prince – built around sweaty, swaggerful beats with a real musicality.

The Bay Area took notice, namely Wallpaper.'s visceral live shows where Reed lords over the scene with thundering live drums to his back, all manner of instruments in his hands, cut-up YouTube video collage beaming overhead, sassy back-up singer cooing… offering something incomprehensibly funky.

Wallpaper.'s presence was soon felt beyond his stomping ground, as his Lynchian video blogs (a little David and a lot of Liam), remixes and mashups earned him props, including the elite bloggerati such as Pitchfork. They praised his sax-blazing remake of Das Racist's "Pizza Hut & Taco Bell" as well as his salute to Jay-Z – a cleverly mashed "99 Problems" with "D.O.A."

Needing to quell the anticipation for his sophomore album due this fall on The Boardwalk Entertainment Group, Wallpaper. unleashed the car-bouncing anthem, "#STUPiDFACEDD." The beat-heavy pop ditty has penetrated college and specialty radio while the accompanying video launched mtvU's "31 in 31" campaign, as part of MTV's Indie Music Month.
Consistent as a lyricist, A-1 brings acrobatic word play, hard hitting punch lines and poetic visuals to the forefront in his music. Introspective verses about his own life and the world around him from the perspective of a young, working class member of society, with a scatterbrained sort of versatility separate his music from the others.

Adam Rashid Traore aka A-1 is a first generation American rapper from the San Francisco. Born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco by immigrant parents, A-1 was introduced to an extreme diversity of culture from a young age. Growing up in a working class family, and being exposed to so many walks of life helped define A-1's open-minded and charismatic nature, as well as added to his creative and artistic abilities.
PARENTZ is Bay Area multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Sullivan, and singer Kia Smith. Oakland future pop, From lush dance tunes, to r&b leaning/ambient electro, PARENTZ features at once intentionally nostalgic and organic sounds to create songs that are part absurdity, part authenticity, and totally awesome.
plus DJ Jaysonik (Hottub)
Venue Information:
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102