The Pack A.D., Mwahaha

Friday 3/2

9:00 pm


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Elliott BROOD is a three-piece Folk Rock Alt Country band based in Hamilton, Canada. Their brand of fuzzed-up roots music has always made for a captivating, and frenetic live performance. That energy has always translated onto the band’s five previous critically acclaimed records. In 2013 the band won a Juno Award for their World War One inspired album “Days Into Years”. Over the course of their career they have been nominated for a total of five Juno awards. In 2009 they were shortlisted for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize and in 2012 the band found themselves nominated for a Genie Award for their original song “West End Sky” that was featured in the film “Grown Up Movie Star”. Their style has been called everything from ‘blackgrass’ to ‘death country,’ but those descriptions don’t capture the transcendent heights of their unique approach to roots music. Fall 2017 will see the band release their sixth full-length studio album “Ghost Gardens” via Paper Bag Records.
The title “Ghost Gardens” alludes to a phenomenon whereby the perennial gardens of houses and buildings having been abandoned or forgotten for years or even decades, continue to grow and reappear year after year, despite their original caretakers' absence.

Elliott Brood's “Ghost Gardens” began with the rediscovery of lost demo songs from a decade and a half earlier, the beginning of the bands career to be exact. The misplaced hard drive had long been forgotten in a garage, just sitting dormant in an old suitcase. The recordings were demos and rough pencil sketches of song lyrics and melody ideas. Not often in life does a band get to step back in time to rediscover their lost younger selves and get to amend or alter that existence, in an odd way this is the band rediscovering their former selves while simultaneously being years wiser both musically and lyrically.
The Pack A.D.
The Pack A.D.
"Vancouver, B.C.’s two-woman, raw rock ‘n’ roll machine." --KEXP

"Live, Miller's sparse beats shuffle along while Black goes from a whisper to a wail tearing out shards of spiky lead guitar. It's explosive, organic and really different each time…Nothing on Tintype is ever less than intense and rarely cheery." --The Province

"A guitar-drum howling-blues duo, Becky Black and Maya Miller of the Pack are clearly meant to play together...The whole beautiful mess (of Tintype) will have uptown turkeys running in terror back to their Eric Clapton "blues" CDs." --The Georgia Straight
The band consists of Ross Peacock (formerly of Clipd Beaks) and brothers Nathan and Cyrus Tilton (who were all previously in the Bay Area cult band Ned). Reference points such as Matthew Dear's Black City, The Secret Machines, and the Silver Apples are apt, but Mwahaha carves out their own sound and approach, regardless of the comparisons.

"After the demise of their former indie band Ned, Ross Peacock and brothers Nathan and Cyrus Tilton decided to carve out a new path, first by adopting a more rigorous rehearsal schedule, second by rechristening their outfit, and third by trying a few risky innovations, like surgically opening an amp for modiciation or setting microphones around a koi pond to record the sound of someone dropping a stone in the water. They use analog gear in Mwahaha, including a lot of vintage synthesizers and rickety sounding drum machines. The resulting music often sounds purposefully austere, but it's also riddled with interesting drum sounds and sharp guitar riffs. There's even the occasional pop hook." --East Bay Express
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Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102