IVY LEVAN, plus DJs Aaron Axelsen and DJ Dials

Thursday 1/22

9:00 pm


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This event is 18 and over

Within the butterfly-breaking cogs of the music industry, big numbers can bring big problems. And The Wombats’ numbers got big, fast. A platinum album with their 2007 debut ‘Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation’. Over 300,000 combined sales of their indie dancefloor smashes ‘Kill The Director’, ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ (winner of the 2008 NME Award for Best Dancefloor Filler), ‘Backfire At The Disco’ and ‘Moving To New York’. A two year tour during which Liverpool’s biggest exports in a decade played to well over a million people, culminating in a massive homecoming Liverpool Arena show for 10,000 ecstatic local fans of their dark yet exuberant and infectious alt.pop.

Back in Liverpool, The Wombats Mk 2 instantly clicked. They plumped for a synthier sound, Murph's keyboard often replacing the lead guitar, and the tunes poured forth in ever more innovative and colourful guises. Tracks such as 'Perfect Disease' took on the sonorous disco moods of Depeche Mode and Echo & The Bunnymen, lashed to The Killers' arena pop sensibilities. One of the album's "curveballs" 'Jump Into The Fog' came out sounding like nothing more than The Horrors covering Queen. Often only their intense catchiness marked these songs out as traditionally 'Wombats' at all: no matter where the sonics strayed, the tunes were always glint-in-the-sunlight perfect -- better even than the dancefloor killers of their first chart onslaught.

Now, the band is playing a series of intimate gigs to show off their new material.
From Benjamin Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan to world renown DJ, Diplo, Ivy's blossoming talent has been recognized by some of the most respected players in the music community. Now, with her debut EP Introducing the Dame on Cherrytree Records, Levan serves up a brand of blues-infused pop that boldly flaunts both her larger-than-life voice and gritty-yet-glossy, in-your-face energy.

With a sound that Levan alternately dubs "swamp hop" and "punk-rock Motown," Introducing the Dame is a four-track powerhouse built on fiery-sweet melodies, bright but dirty beats, and Levan's endlessly smoldering vocals. Made in collaboration with her writing partners in the L.A.-based Blood Money Inc. and featuring guest musicians like Tomo Miličević of 30 Seconds to Mars, the EP also reveals Levan's brilliantly roughneck wit as a pop lyricist. Whether delivering an ode to the almighty dollar ("Money"), a harmony-kissed hangover anthem ("I Don't Wanna Wake Up"), a heart-on-sleeve serenade ("Hang Forever"), or a growling come-on that name-drops the Son of Sam ("Hot Damn"), Introducing the Dame keeps it high-powered and passionate but never skimps on good, filthy fun.

Born in Tulsa and raised in Bentonville, Arkansas, Levan grew up on R&B/soul superstars like Ray Charles and Tina Turner.
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Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102