Bam!Bam!, w/ DJ Fernando (KALX-FM)

Saturday 4/20

9:00 pm


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Chains of Love started when Guitarist Felix Fung, the engineer and owner of Vancouver's Little Red Sound, hatched a plan to start a girl group with guitarist Clint Lofkrantz. It wasn't hard to figure out who the girls would be. Nathalia Pizarro, who shares the vocal and lyrical duties of the band, was known as one of the best singers and all around performers on the scene, and with her voice and the harmonic help of Rebecca Marie Law Gray, Felix and Clint knew that they had something truly amazing on their hands. The two had what they call a "memory of that girl group sound" and a free studio on Tuesday afternoons, so they started inviting their friends over to see what they could make of this fortuitous combination. What you have in your headphones is what came of these nostalgic happenings, Spector harmonies, Motown basslines and rich, thumping drums.
Hollywood, Florida is not your typical beach town. The buildings, diners, and of course the beach appear frozen in the 1950's. Probably a result of the town's population boom happening in that era, a current drive down the streets feels like your moving through an R. Crumb drawing. Things seem exaggerated and a bit odd. The now mature population seems a caricature of their former selves.

It is this strange place, lovingly dubbed Hollyweird, Florida, that the trio Beach Day calls home. Their sound is heavily influenced by their surroundings. They make new music, but it is definitely old at heart. And it's definitely sunny, but not without some murkiness.

An embodiment of their surroundings and love of 60's girl groups, Beach Day sounds as you might expect. Think of a female fronted Beach Boys, throw in some The Shangri-La's, The Ventures, The Sonics, Phil Spector, The Ronettes, add in contemporaries Cults, Jacuzzi Boys, Dum Dum Girls and the Black Lips and you have a soundtrack for your perfect Beach Day.

"A '60s surf band with a touch of The Ronettes and Dum Dum Girls." --WILD HONEYPIE

"Singer Kimmy Drake has the true voice of a girl-group leading lady, something like a young, white Ronnie Spector raised on punk." --ORLANDO WEEKLY
Bam!Bam! is a bay area duo of Zola and Chloe.

"Inspired by Beat Happening, Elastica, Bratmobile, and Can, these ladies have a summertime twee-pop sound reminiscent of 90’s girl bands like The Softies, Go Sailor, and Tiger Trap." --Bust Magazine
Venue Information:
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102