Friday 1/28

8:30 pm


This event is all ages

All Ages - $10 adv/$12 door

Israel's wildest band, touring with a new album on Drag City.

"Most exciting live band in rock 'n' roll." --Spin

"Unlike anything you've ever witnessed." --Washington Post

"Unforgettable and thrilling chaos." --Now Toronto

"If there was a spectrum on which every shade of chaos was ranked hierarchically, you would have to peg a Monotonix show somewhere to the left of total, complete and utter mayhem. Maybe you could call it demented pandemonium. Supposedly they are banned from half the live venues in Israel, at one place because a couple became so aroused that the man started to give his girlfriend oral sex. At a Tennessee show on their current tour, a man is said to have purposely set himself on fire. I saw them first in an enclosed-on-three-sides backyard at a funky east Austin venue called the Austin Typewriter Museum. You could smell the band before you could see ‘em – as soon as their van doors opened a wave of body odor permeated the entire yard. The drummer, a dead ringer for Borat with a gold dookie chain around his neck, proceeded to set up his badly battered, minimal kit in the dusty ground in front of the stage. Yonatan Gat, the guitarist, looks like Bob Dylan circa the Newport Folk Festival, plugged in his Fender (literally held together with electrical tape) to an amp, which was also on the ground in front of the stage. And that was it for set-up. And then it gets weird. There are absolutely no barriers between crowd and band. Singer Ami Shalev climbs whatever structures or other high vantage points are in the vicinity – could be a building or a tree, whatever – and hollers words in either English or Hebrew or maybe just primal screams." --Houston Press
Ty Segall band, with Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, Emily Epstein and Charles Moothart.

The Ty Segall expedition gets farther and farther out with each and every record. And to every record, a tour – or three of four. For Ty, coming down off the Twins trip seemed like twice as far as it ever had been. He was a changed man, made different in the days between then and now, with more changes and big jumps dead ahead.

Earlier this year, before checking out of his SF Mission digs and heading down the coast for a new way of living, Ty fired up his machines, hit play and wrung a last helping of blood from his rock, creating a new set of songs.

Between two minds, between two places, on beyond Twins, Sleeper envisions a world of haves and have-nots. Sleeper is Ty-fi, for sure, engineered at home from beginning to end, the ultimate sonics accessed with a freak hand and an instinct for what makes a moment shine. Sleeper flows more colors than ever before through your mind’s eye, pushing the walls of the universe out just a micron further, making everything heavier and lighter all at once, to allow time to beam infinitely forever.

But that was then – the date of revelation draws closer! Now can the true nature of Sleeper be seen! It stands before you, blending almost into the fleshly pattern of its host, brandished as if to say, “Let Your Hair Grow! Be What You Be!”

Ty Segall’s Sleeper was released August 20th on Drag City.
Local garage/power/pop godz. "When was the last time a band sounded like so many other bands while still seeming totally new? Slanted and Enchanted, maybe. I hear the Knack, the Gizmos, early Joe Jackson, “Part Time Punks,” punk-era Modern Lovers, the Human Beinz’s “Nobody but Me,” and maybe even a little Dead Milkmen (although they’d probably hate that). The whole disc is snotty, catchy, and ridiculously fun." --Bay Bridged
Venue Information:
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102