support tba, Palm Daze, plus DJ Aaron Axelsen (popscene/ALT105.3)

Monday 5/6

8:00 pm


This event is all ages

ADV TIX $13 / DOORS $15.

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Each song on Bayonne’s Drastic Measures is orchestral in texture, unfolding in countless layers and kaleidoscopic tones. With great intensity of detail, the Austin-based artist otherwise known as Roger Sellers deepens that sonic complexity by weaving in elegantly warped samples of the field recordings he’s gathered for over a decade. But in its powerful melodies and pristine arrangements, Drastic Measures ultimately bears a pure pop lucidity even in its most grandiose moments.

Driven by the dynamic percussion and luminous piano work signature to Bayonne’s sound, Drastic Measures takes its title from a track that embodies the album’s central theme: the instability inherent in an artist’s life, and the often-futile attempt to attain balance.

The crystalline production of Drastic Measures marks a departure from Primitives, Bayonne’s entirely self-produced and more loosely structured full-length debut. In shaping the immaculately composed album, Sellers partly drew inspiration from the sublime melodicism of 1960s symphonic pop.

As Drastic Measures muses on such matters as fractured relationships and the erosion of mental health, Bayonne builds a dizzying tension between the album’s bright and dark elements. On “Uncertainly Deranged,” skittering beats and shining piano tones clash with lyrics echoing the anxiety of self-doubt. One of the most delicate and simply adorned tracks on the album, “Same” spins a gentle reverie out of a moment of wistful longing. And on “I Know,” bouncy rhythms and whistled melodies make a brilliant backdrop to Bayonne’s meditation on overwhelming remorse.
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Palm Daze
Palm Daze
Palm Daze is a psychedelic dream-pop trio out of Austin, Texas, featuring Eric McClung on synth and vocals, Tyler Delaune on bass and vocals, and Ryan Heath on drums and samples. Formerly known as Isaiah the Mosaic, the three have been playing together most of their lives – Eric and Ryan for the past 16, and joined by Tyler for the last 7. They describe their sound as "Oceanic dream pop creamsicle drop top" … which roughly translates to atmospheric loops layered over lush, melodic synth orchestration, with a heavy emphasis on drum and bass.

Their musical influences are diverse, citing inspiration from artists that include Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Styx, Boys II Men, The Beatles and The Flaming Lips.
plus DJ Aaron Axelsen (popscene/ALT105.3)
plus DJ Aaron Axelsen (popscene/ALT105.3)
Venue Information:
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102