Doncat, Onikho

Wednesday 3/13

8:00 pm


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With a heart-stopping voice & wide ranging instrumental talent, Odetta Hartman carries cowboy soul into an era where country can clash with computers & bluegrass isn’t afraid of bass. Her debut LP 222 - an experimental, bedroom-produced hybrid of folk, musique concrète & psychedelia - was released on Northern Spy Records in 2015 to critical acclaim.

Odetta Hartman’s newly released 2nd album, Old Rockhounds Never Die, is a bonanza of beautiful contradictions: intimate yet fiercely internationalist, spiritual and yet tangible, sweet and also sexy. It convenes with the ghosts of the past while marching relentlessly forwards.

Produced by Jack Inslee (of Full Service Radio), Old Rockhounds Never Die continues to explore this uncanny sonic vernacular woven with badass banjos, detuned violins, field recordings, superstitious soundscapes, and vocal stylings ranging from sensual to spooky.

In a musical ecosystem where singular is overused and haunting is all but nauseating, Hartman and Inslee’s work here is deserving of such accolades. There is nothing quite
else that ties together such imaginative incongruence with ease, a quilt of scraps that cannot be replicated. What should be a hot mess is a marvel, a constellation of sounds shining bright and mysterious.
DONCAT is Duncan Nielsen, a San Francisco based songwriter and performer with a penchant for rock, soul and folk stylings. His songs draw from the deep history of California counter-culture music and discuss both the hope and uncertainty of the American dream in kaleidoscopic cynicism.

"Superbly laid back Laurel Canyon style psych-folk"

"Wonderfully downcast, with Doncat's gentle poetry matched against a hazy, never-rushed arrangement."-Clash Magazine
I began writing the first songs of this music project just a few weeks after leaving the hospital, where I spent six weeks recovering from a spinal fusion surgery from a major car accident that happened while driving with my family on highway 101. Suddenly faced with re-navigating life in a newly paralyzed body, I found myself sitting at my piano each day tinkering with somber chord progressions that helped relieve the pain of my grief. Over the course of three years those chord progressions grew into a music endeavor that I believe tells a more universal story of loss, grief, and rediscovery of one's inner badass. Enjoy. - ONIKHO
Venue Information:
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102