HONUS HONUS (of Man Man)

HONUS HONUS (of Man Man)

Naytronix, Battlehooch

Thursday 12/1

8:00 pm


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HONUS HONUS (of Man Man)
HONUS HONUS (of Man Man)
When Man Man cut their seemingly endless record/tour/write/repeat cycle short to take a well-overdue break, Ryan Kattner AKA Honus Honus AKA Man Man’s main man decided to make something he’d avoided for the past 13 years—a solo album under the apropos name ‘Use Your Delusion.’

Now that a few songs are out, it’s safe to say a lot has changed since Man Man’s last LP, ‘On Oni Pond.’ For one thing, Kattner has lived in Los Angeles since 2013, splitting his time between songwriting and side projects like screenplays, a long-outlined graphic novel, music supervision gigs (Fox’s ‘Exorcist’ reboot, Super Deluxe), a new Mister Heavenly album, a bizarro children’s record called ‘Booger Bubble,’ original scores for plays and TV pilots, a monthly Talkhouse column, even a little acting and directing (his own “Heavy Jesus” and “Will You” videos for the JASH channel Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, and Tim & Eric founded on YouTube). Why not right?

Let’s just say there’s more than a whiff of the city’s fallen angels at play here. Think of ‘Use Your Delusion’ as a love letter to LA’s lost souls, sealed with a pop-savvy sucker punch instead of a kiss. Fuck it. The kiss is there too.

“It’s not a concept album. You don’t need to drink from the LA River to appreciate the content. I mean, you’d probably die if you drank from the LA River. Or become invisible.”

OR maybe you’ll start to see things through Honus Honus eyes, enough to make sense of the dizzying ‘Use Your Delusion’ universe, from the down-and-out summery dub of “Oh No!” and barbaric death-metal breakdowns of “Red Velvet” to the poison-tipped synthpop of “Santa Monica” and mood-setting melancholy of “Vampires in the Valley.” There’s even some gymnastic guitar solos courtesy of producer/right hand man King Cyrus King (see also: several Adult Swim shows, Super Deluxe, and the power trio Hot Karate). He’s but one crucial piece of a complex puzzle that includes contributions from comedian Jon Daly (slaying the sax), drummer Joe Plummer (Mister Heavenly, Cold War Kids, Modest Mouse), polymath Mary Elizabeth Winstead (last heard alongside Dan the Automator in the avant-pop duo Got a Girl and seen in ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ and ‘Swiss Army Man’), and singer Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams.
Strangers to the touring life refer to it as “living the dream,” while generally the ones actually doing the touring see it more as living in a dream. The difference is subtle to the uninitiated, yet is intimate to Nate Brenner, AKA Naytronix, who has spent much of the past four years touring the world as bassist for the mighty tUnE-yArDs. Consider Naytronix’s second full-length, Mister Divine (2015, City Slang), his treatise on the subject, which sees him turning from the disjointedly funky party dance anthems of his debut Dirty Glow (2012, Plug Research) to a surrealist stream of consciousness poignancy.
"Probably the wildest and weirdest outfit in San Francisco right now has got to be Battlehooch - a hyperactive brotherhood of Captain Beefheart fanatics who peddle crazy party-prog that few can comprehend but everyone wants to dance to (irrespective of how completely impossible it may be). Fearlessly experimental, boundlessly energetic and when they end their sets by ripping through an insane cover of James Brown's 'Superbad' you can't help but wonder that the weather's like on their planet." --NME
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Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102