ODEZENNE with Sour Widows
Presented by Rickshaw Stop + Popscene


Sour Widows

All Ages
Rickshaw Stop + Popscene co-present ODEZENNE Sour Widows + dj aaron axelsen 8 pm $12 adv / $15 doors All Ages

Odezenne hails from Bordeaux, France, leaving their unmistakable mark on the musical landscape of the country song after song. With their latest album “Au Baccara", they unveiled a new piece of the puzzle they have been carefully crafting for 10 years now. With Edouard Nardon for artistic direction and Bertrand Fresel for the mix, Odezenne has put their spontaneity to the test of a long-winded studio work, going to the mythical Konk studio in London, where they recorded the album on tape, a mash-up of eras defining how that album came to be.

In “Au Baccara”, impressionist formulas sit side by side with bittersweet aphorisms, melancholic pads mingle with powerful beats - and everything combines elegantly to create a long-form where it feels good to get lost. The message hidden behind these tracks, is that losing is only a view of the mind, the only thing that matters it is to keep going and enjoy the ride.

More recently, Odezenne released “Bleu Fuchsia”, a song celebrating the early life of Jacques, one of the MC, a time when he was working at the gigantic Rungis marketplace. The track is the forerunner for their next EP, “Pouchkine”, coming out early September 2019.

Wikipedia labels the band " alternative music ", for Odezenne exploits with an unfettered joy the Bermuda triangle of contemporaneous music, between the verve of everyday life, the chiseled emotion of the songwriters, and the dancing rhythms of our electronic era. Serene craftsmen of this eclecticism, Odezenne continues their creative adventure without any complex. http://www.odezenne.com

Sour Widows are a bedroom rock band from the Bay Area comprised of longtime friends Maia Sinaiko, Susanna Thomson, and Max Edelman. Songs marked by driving harmonies address themes of relationship and reflection; layers of warmth, depth, and grit surface and fade in their two-guitar dynamic. Through progressions that shift from subtle to biting, Sour Widows expose tender moments with an edge. https://sourwidows.bandcamp.com/

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Venue Information:
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102