CARTILAGE  with Deathgrave,  Aseptic, and  Still
Presented by Subliminalsf

Cartilage (2)

with Deathgrave, Aseptic

All Ages
subliminalsf presents
7 pm

In the spirit and the footsteps of gore/metal classics like Exhumed or General Surgery, CARTILAGE! was created a while ago so as to spread this blood-soaked genre in the best way. Well, knowing that this squad is composed of members from such legendary acts like Terrorizer LA, Logistic Slaughter or Mortuous it is clear to everyone straightaway that it will be a pretty bloody ride!

Have you ever just heard something so nasty that you want to take a scalpel and just insert it into your eye socket but like, in a good way?! Well, sit back, relax, and start fucking cutting because that’s exactly what DeathgraVe makes you want to do. These sick freaks consist of drummer Clint Baechle (Hazzard's Cure, Owl, Isotope, Cronander, and a million other bands), Fern Alberts on bass (also of Amber Asylum, ex-Bird, and ex-Ringwurm), Andre Cornejo on vocals (also of the fucking sick Cyanic, ex-member of Bird, and ex-member of Casket Blaster) and Greg Wilkinson on guitar (Brainoil, ex-Laudanum, ex-Graves At Sea, and a legendary sound engineer over at Ear hammer studios).

Aseptic is a 2-piece Death metal band from the cavernous caves of San Jose.

Still is a new band from SF, crushingly heavy and loud.

Venue Information:
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell St
San Francisco, CA, 94102